The Youth to Youth Fund (Y2YF) component of the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility (YEF) gives youth a voice to design and implement innovative solutions to employment challenges. It is a competitive grant scheme, which offers local youth-led organizations with the most innovative project ideas a grant and complementary capacity building to help them implement their projects and test the viability of their ideas. In Kenya, the Y2YF is implemented by the ILO and an in-country partner organization, Ustadi Foundation. It has thus far provided support to 39 grantee organizations and a collective 2,058 beneficiaries.

This video was directed by Timothy Mwaura. It was co-produced by Timothy Mwaura and Anne-Marie Jamin, with Abubakar Nuuman as Production assistant. Editing, sound and music for this video was done by Joash Calvin Omondi. The cinematography for this video was done by Timothy Mwaura, with assitance from Abubakar Nuuman as 2nd camera man.

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