I had the opportunity to work with these two humble journalists. I love their work. I will leave you to read more.....Read more

So I met Joash a few years ago on a shoot which didnt happen. Anyway, we got to talking, went and kept working and even though our visions aren't not always parallel we have found ways to walk in the same direction. We are almost done working on SUBIRA our first feature documentary film on Epilepsy in Kenya.

Joash Needs to graduate and he picked a very interesting piece of work which I'm not at liberty to discuss. All I can say is that he's an amazing music composer and filmmaker and I'm honored to work with him as a Director of photography . Cool idea, these are some of the images from the shoot he is directing. 

This is Ivy she was hanging out with friends after class. Thanks girl.

"I collect plastic papers." I didnt ask him why or where he was from. I cant forget his contagious laugh.

His name, I dont know but he said I can call him Chonjo (means alert in swahili)

It's been an intersting week. Finding more reasons why I should follow this photography trip. Falling for images, not enough light, the lens too slow, the moment is gone but the battery is blinking red. maybe I should try these National geographic magazines. The yellow bleeding into the white shelves. I no longer wonder whats in them. I've met a lot of chronically ill people behind these yellow covers. Their illness spreading deeper into what I've percieved as my vision. I don't see what I used to, like I dont trust my eyes. unsatisfied. I seek complexity in a basic scene. I cant forget how it feels to measure days by counting sunsets. I should try dawns but I have a wierd schedule. 

Anyway I've been shooting kilometres. This guy is on some upcycle role. Stitching vehicle's tube into bags. 


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