Choosing to see beyond wars and calamities beyond greedy leaders and their yearn for hefty salaries. I block Africa's visual conflicts with every pressure exerted, to open this shutter that shines light to sensitive films and censors to trap moments not torment.

There are many faces of Africa and the people I see everyday are all reflections of a continent that has unmeasured experiences and stories that are just waiting to be captured. Through creative processes I aim to sell nothing but a concept -an idea, a feeling, a story.

Until we speak Human, we will never be able to communicate. It is not enough to be a passive observer, one must be active in the world one wishes to be a part of.

The images I capture are not merely stagnant images of living people, and these people are not just simply imprints caught on film.

Not just a photographer with a vision, I am an artist who feels deeply moved to expression through spoken word, visual art and cinema. Little by little I seek to change people's negative perception of Africa, and this includes Africa's own perception of itself.

''I don’t consider myself a filmmaker but an artist as I follow expression to where it leads me. Today I’m making films about poverty and music, tomorrowI’m trying to explain prosperity through photography, another day I’m on stage performing a spoken word piece on human rights another time I’m in class doing workshops for kids who want to write. I just do anything that keeps me connected to this world and sometimes beyond.''

About the photos

The photos loaded with this site is the property Mwaura Timothy

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